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I believe that people should have a good relationship with food, not be afraid to eat, and understand how food impacts the body. Let food be thy medicine to help treat and manage whatever chronic health condition you are dealing with. Let me guide you to find the best health and wellness plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

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Why Should I See A Dietitian?

Have you been given a diagnosis by your doctor, but no guidance on how to manage your condition when it comes to your diet?

Searching the net but still 100% confused with what you actually need to do because of all the conflicting information there is out there.

Are you beginning to be afraid of food, worrying about if you are doing the best thing for your health with the food choices you are making?


Guiding you through your own health mission.

Who I Help...

I tailor my nutrition counseling for people wanting to manage and prevent their chronic disease.
This includes people with the following conditions:

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Let’s work together to help you feel like you and enjoy food again!


Did You Know?

6 in 10 adults in the United States have a chronic disease. Many of these chronic diseases can be managed with proper food and nutrition.

6 in 10..

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5 Tips For Managing A Chronic Health Condition

Being diagnosed with a chronic disease can feel blindsiding, especially if you had no prior warning signs or symptoms. You’re left with hundreds of questions- none of which are in the tri-fold brochure your doctor sent you home with. 

You can choose to either let your chronic disease live your life for you, or you can take matters into your own hands. Sign up to get my top five tips for managing chronic disease


Hi, I'm Edith

I’m a Registered Dietitian with over 9 years of experience. I love to eat, cook, create recipes and share health and nutrition information with others.

While working in healthcare at hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and dialysis centers, I realized that many people ended up with chronic health conditions without really knowing how they got there and what they could do to help manage it. Oftentimes, they were those that were at the end stages of disease and all that they were given were medications to treat the illness but nothing to equip them to manage or delay the progression of their disease.

It was because of this that I became inspired to start a practice of my own – I want to help people BEFORE it’s too late, I want to empower my clients with the knowledge to know how foods impact their body and their health and how they can make realistic and sustainable changes to live healthy lives and feel their very best.


Her discussions, explanations and guidance are substantive and clear and much appreciated
I have been working with Edith Yang for about three months now. Edith has impressive credentials and significant knowledge and experience in treating patients with kidney disease. She has spent significant time reviewing my lab results and making necessary changes in my diet. Her discussions, explanations and guidance are substantive and clear and much appreciated.

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