Ayasha Khatun


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Hi, I’m Ayasha!

Meet Ayasha Khatun from Bangladesh who is part of a team at PassionateMedVA, a virtual medical assistant agency run by Abeer Akhter ZamZam to support the Healthy Mission Dietitian practice. Ayasha, an esteemed member of our dynamic team at Healthy Mission Dietitian brings a wealth of experience and a diverse background, having significantly contributed to the supply chain domain in RMG sector and healthcare industries.

With a robust foundation in Supply chain and a keen eye for detail, Ayasha seamlessly integrates her skills into our remote medical administration projects. Her commitment to excellence is evident, reflecting not only in her professional endeavors but also in her passion for patient care support.

Ayasha’s journey is marked by a harmonious blend of industry expertise and a compassionate dedication to healthcare. In parallel to her contributions to our team, she has played a pivotal role in Supply chain, showcasing her adaptability and proficiency in diverse fields.

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