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Three Assorted Fruit Juice in Glasses

Kidney Friendly Drinks

Staying hydrated in hot weather is important, but can be especially difficult to navigate if you are on fluid restriction or had to give up your favorite soda to avoid excess potassium (reminder to

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Chinese Food and Diabetes

Concern about Chinese food and diabetes has grown as the rates of diabetes amongst Chinese Americans and Asian Americans grows. 1 in 9 Asian Americans have diabetes, with Indians, Filipinos, and Chinese having the

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Biggest Nutritional Challenges for AAPI

In honor of Asian American & Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Heritage Month, we are taking an in-depth look at the biggest nutritional challenges for AAPI. This includes looking at chronic disease risk, prevalency, and specific

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Asian Pickled Vegetables

Pickled vegetables have been around for thousands of years and have many different health benefits. Those on a low sodium diet may feel like they can’t eat pickled vegetables because of the high salt

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