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So we can help you attain the lifelong skills you need to make a lasting impact on your health. By cultivating a joyful relationship with food, learn how to adapt and thrive no matter where you are in your health journey.

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Food Sensitivities

Autoimmune and Inflammatory Conditions

Weight Management


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High Cholesterol

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Grocery Tour

$75/hr/person – group rates available

Ideal for those that are overwhelmed at the grocery store or those that simply want to learn more about navigating their favorite store. We visit your local grocery store and learn how to read food labels and, decipher ingredients. We show you how to create a shopping list to help you nourish your body and fulfill your health needs.

60- 90 minutes – limited to the Los Angeles County area only – Travel fees may apply
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grocery tour

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pantry refresh

Pantry Refresh


Need help figuring out what you have in your pantry and whether or not it’s suitable for your health? Book a pantry refresh and we can virtually review your pantry foods and help you filter out what is beneficial for you to keep and what we may need to limit.

Virtual or In person (limited to the San Gabriel Valley area – additional fee for travel applies to in person)

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frequently asked questions

Much of our first session will be spent getting to know your health status, eating habits and nutrition concerns. We’ll discuss what you hope to achieve through nutrition counseling and together come up with personalized goals, as well as discus our recommendations for getting you to them. Depending on what you need and how much time we have, we may provide meal planning strategies, food suggestions, nutrition education, supplement and/or lab testing recommendations. Lastly, we’ll make a plan for follow-up appointments.
The frequency of our visits is individual and depends upon your current nutrition status and goals. It is common to meet more frequently in the beginning to build momentum and then less frequently as time goes by. Most clients see us every 1-3 weeks initially. Nutrition counseling provides the support you need to keep on track with your goals and gradually adopt meaningful, sustainable change.

Yes! We offer virtual appointments (also called telehealth) where me meet online for a video call. It’s similar to Skype but we use a more secure platform for healthcare. Most insurance companies we accept cover these type of visits for clients in California State. See our Rates / Insurance page for more details on coverage.

If you live outside of California State, please contact us prior to scheduling your appointment to determine if we can work with you. Some states allow it, and some do not.

Telehealth sessions might not be covered across state lines so, as always, it’s important for you to ask your insurance company.

Other Services

Calm & Refresh Food Sensitivity Program

Our 8 month food sensitivity program is designed to help you understand why your body is reacting the way it is.

Customized Meal Plans

Customized meal plans for Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3-4; Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5; Diabetes and Diabetes Asian Recipes

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