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What Is Napa Cabbage? Nutrients, Recipes & More

What Is Napa Cabbage? Nutrients, Recipes & More 2 wedges of napa cabbage that is roasted and topped with dijon mustard sauce, sesame seeds, and scallions

Napa cabbage, or Chinese cabbage, is a leafy green vegetable that has been a longtime staple in Asian cuisine. Unlike the typical round and dense American variety, it has a longer, oblong shape with thicker ribs and more delicate greens. This makes for a very versatile ingredient in the kitchen that can be enjoyed raw […]

Are Peanuts Bad for Kidneys?

Are Peanuts Bad for Kidneys? peanut sauce topped with crushed peanuts on a blue background

When living with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), it can sometimes feel like the list of foods you’re told to avoid is never-ending. Peanuts and peanut butter are often no exception to this list, which prompts the question: are peanuts bad for kidneys? Peanuts Nutrition Generally speaking, peanuts and peanut butter are a great source of […]

8 Simple Swaps For A Healthy & Happy Lunar New Year

8 Simple Swaps For A Healthy & Happy Lunar New Year Snacks and Red Envelopes on a Red Background

What Is Lunar Year? Lunar New Year is celebrated by many East Asian Countries (Taiwan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Mongolia, Tibet, and Singapore). It’s an important holiday in these counties and is tied to the lunar-solar calendar. Traditionally, it is a time to honor household ancestors and deities.  Because this holiday follows the Chinese lunar […]

Salt-Free Spice Blends from Around the World

Salt-Free Spice Blends from Around the World Variety of herbs and spices on a dark grey background. Cinnamon stick, rosemary, black pepper, paprika, thyme, etc. are placed on spoons.

Adding spices and herbs to your food is one of the best ways to bring flavor to your dishes without salt! Using inspiration from different cultures around the globe, this guide is meant to help you get creative in the kitchen and try new things while continuing to stick with your health goals. This year’s […]

National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month ethnic nutritious meal us by utilizing the plate method

Happy National Nutrition Month (NNM)!! This month was created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) to promote healthy eating and lifestyle habits.  I’m EXTRA excited about celebrating Nutrition Month this year because of the theme!! This year we are CELEBRATING A WORLD OF FLAVORS!  This year’s theme focuses on celebrating different flavors from […]

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