Melody Meloserdoff, MS, RDN


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Hi, I’m Melody!

I’m a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s in Nutrition Diagnostics. I have worked as a Clinical Dietitian in an acute care hospital for about three years and have three years of experience in Skilled Nursing facilities.
Specialization: Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Weight management, General Nutrition and Wellness, Irritable bowel syndrome, Kidney Disease, Gastroparesis, Food intolerance/Allergy
I like to hike and try new recipes, restaurants, and coffee shops.
I started my journey by looking for a solution to my health problems, just like everyone else. I saw several Doctors only to hear the same conclusion, “You’re healthy; lose some weight and fix these labs, see a psychiatrist, or go on one of those new restrictive diets to see if that solves the issue.” Not only was I dismissed, but when I asked to speak to a dietitian to help me, I was denied and told to use the internet because there was no specialized Dietitian for that diet and to read a handout about the diet.
From then on, I knew I wanted to be a Dietitian who helped those in similar situations. I want to bridge the gap that many doctors, other healthcare disciplines, and the newest diet craze have by educating and helping you raise your voice all through evidence-based nutrition knowledge.
I focus on a healthy lifestyle that fits your needs, with intuitive eating and a healthy weight that suits your body, all while following your prescribed diet or goals.


associate dietitian

– Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
– Masters of Science in Nutrition Diagnostics

– American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN)


LOCATED IN California

Language Spoken English

Fave Snack Cheese and crackers or Dark chocolate with nuts and fruit

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